Sample Project

Exclusions: Lighting, Xray, saw cutting, concrete cutting, PG&E work and fees, data, patching, painting, drawings, trenching, backfill, concrete finish work, fire alarms, phone, security wiring and connections, life safety, HVAC work, light fixtures, underground work, low voltage, conduit work, landscaping, landscape lighting, Title 24 work, Title 24 testing, Title 24 certifications, Title 24 Controls, new exterior lighting, pre-existing conditions, code upgrades, permits, inspections, and any Unforeseen Circumstances. ElectricianAll estimated work is based off the electrical plans ONLY, we will not bid off architectural plans, kitchen plans, or any plans other than electrical. Pricing is good for 30 days, increased cost in materials may apply. If the work is not on the electrical plan, we did not price it. All invoices over 60 Days will automatically have a lien placed by our 3rd party lien controller. All services/special order equipment require 50% up front and 50% upon delivery.

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